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Hi Kids,

It is your duty to take drugs!

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As the Government now includes proceeds from drugs and prostitution in official statistics I am proud that my Crack habit has helped pull the country out of recession. I’m not sure how statisticians arrived at these figures (exhaustive research must have been undertaken).

Prostitution should no longer be seen as drug addled women being pimped by scum to pay for their heroin addiction but as a bold, nay noble effort to get the country back on its feet, up against a wall or in a car or in a bus shelter…..

Makes ya proud to be British!

Beats me why would Scotland wish to become independent!

Uncle Crackhead

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Today Gfb can lay bare the depths of former PM Tony Blair’s relationship with President George W Bush in the run up to the Iraq War.

As the photo shows you can’t get much closer than that (although we are pleased they kept their trunks on – somehow the sight of Prime Ministerial and Presidential schlongs on display is a tad distasteful).

“Cos We’re Worth It!”

Today at the Leveson Enquiry, Blair when asked about his relationship with Bush commented, “It was simple, I scratched his back and ended up a multi-millionaire! Brill! Today,  I fly around the world in my own Jumbo telling Arabs how to live in peace! You couldn’t make it up. Well, we did in parts but no point raking over old coals is there! Must dash, have a luncheon appointment with Henry Kissinger!”

So that’s alright then.

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