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Following on from our highly succesful investigation a few weeks ago, we have found some more bizarre family connections for you all to enjoy!

Serena Williams and Tennessee Williams


She is the hugely hammed Tennis superstar, winner of titles across the globe. Owns a grunt a rutting Water Buffalo would be proud of. Boy oh boy can she give those balls a wallop.

A brilliant Bricklayer, often running up a wall or two at home in Florida on her days off. Serena penned the classic American Sitcom, “Diff’rent Strokes” and won a lengthy lawsuit against titchy TV star Gary Coleman over who devised the catchphrase “What chew talkin’ ’bout Willis?”


He is the famous playwright who wrote famous plays. With a pen. Sometimes with a typewriter. But always with a smile on his face. Alongside Ernest Wise, he is perhaps the most important playwright of the 20th Century with epics such as A Streetcar Named Desire, Cat on A Hot Tin Roof, Free Willy 2 and a couple of Murder She Wrote’s.

The Link

Tennessee set most of his plays in houses or buildings. Houses are made of bricks. He also co-authored Series 2 of “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air”.


James Joyce and Yootha Joyce


He is arguably the most important author of the 20th Century. He could write with both hands and sometimes with a pen in his gob. All at the same time! His epic Ulysses, is considered to be long. He played the drums and shaved cats for inspiration.


She was the star of naff 70’s sitcoms, Man About The House and George and Mildred, playing a sexually frustrated, chain smoking harridan. Yootha bestrode the 70’s like a woman with a mighty big stride.

Her scripts were like this;

Husband – “I don’t get it Mildred”

Yootha – “I haven’t had it for years!”

What links them

In Joyce’s blabber fest, Finnegan’s Wake, the treatments for the first series of George and Mildred can be found two thirds the way through the book. This would have lain undetected were it not for Robert Wagner dripping a toasted cheese sandwich over the relevant page of a copy in the National Library of Ireland.

Bob was on a promotional tour to publicise the release of the complete series of Hart To Hart on DVD.

Robert Wagner and Richard Wagner


He is the Hollywood legend who has never knowingly acted.

It was reported in Rolling Stone magazine that his acting style is due to the fact that he is made up of two parts pork to one part cheese.

Cruise missiles were deployed in the UK after Hart to Hart first aired. Recently released communiqués between Thatcher and Reagan reveal that in Thatcher’s opinion if they didn’t deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Britain to quell the anger about such crap being put on TV there was going to be “Moider!”


He was the composer who composed music. Lots of it that usually went on and on and on and on and on and on…….with a couple of hefty ladies in horned helmets warbling away to an empty auditorium whilst the rest of us nipped to the bar for a quick livener and catch some footy on the telly or failing that re-runs of Hart to Hart.

Hitler liked him (but we reckon he was having a crafty fiddle thinking about the big women in horned helmets).

What Links Them

Dick Wagner was partial to ham and cheese sandwiches. Oh and a love of ridiculous headwear. QED!

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