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In the Pumpkin Restaurant.

Feeling good. A crisp new shirt on. Short sleeves. It was summer after all.

A White Witch stood at the counter ordering a Green Tea.

“£1.89 please,” The till operator mumbled. The Witch struggled to find her purse. I could sense the growing impatience from the snake of customers behind us. Eventually she found the purse, opened it and began counting out coins.

“I’m sorry, I am twenty pence short.”

“Can’t have it then.”

I reached into the right pocket of my jeans and found a twenty pence piece. “There you go.” I  handed the money to the Witch. She smiled and thanked me. She picked up her tea and walked away.

“Very nice of you,” the man behind me said. I turned around. It was Geoff Hurst, hat-trick hero from the 1966 World Cup final. Smiling. At me! His teeth were in fine fettle.

I ordered my coffee and scurried out of the restaurant door and down the platform, passing the Witch. “Thanks again!” she said. She muttered something else that sounded like “Malayalam”, whilst rubbing her nose.

I smiled back.

The train pulled in. I boarded a deserted carriage.

As I searched for my seat, I found myself lifting off the floor and floating on the Carriage ceiling, occasionally bumping my head on the overhead lights. The Witch appeared at the doorway, smiled and said to me, “One good turn deserves another.”

It was very dusty, almost grimy up there and my new shirt got dirty as a result.

I have written to First Great Western about their rolling stock’s standard of cleanliness.

I am still waiting for a reply.

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