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Gingerfightback’s top reporter Once Ginger Sooty,  captured a rare image yesterday whilst covering the US Presidential Election.

It is not in the same league as “The Grassy Knoll” or even “Deepthroat” but it does show the evil, twisted genius who is behind Ritt Momney’s attempts to become the next President.

If Donny is around, where are Marie, Wayne, Merrill, Alan, Jay and oh fuck no Little Jimmy?

They want the world and they want it NOW!

OSMONDIA is upon us………It will be a fight to the death. Well, if not to the death at least to the Dentists.

Someone Help Him, Help Him Pleeeease…….

Be careful America or you national anthem may soon be………

Thank You Once Ginger Sooty For Bringing This To Our Attention!

We Need More Like Him

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