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Hello Oily

I am unsure about what underwear I should wear on my first date with the girl of my dreams. I have hankered after her for years!

I am thinking of taking her to the local abattoir for a night out as I am fond of a spot of butchery. Then grab some sausage and chips from the Burger Van on the A38 just outside Padstow before back to my place for some slap and tickle. My brother has leant me his old bottle of Denim aftershave as he reckons women found this irresistible. I’m not sure as it sets my sinuses off something terrible

So Oily, Y-Front, Slip, Boxer or Thong?

Butcher Bill, Padstow

Oily Replies;

Hey Butch it has to be the Thong. Always.

Sing a Thong for Europe I say. It is important for a person to be comfortable in his own skin. Or someone elses skin if you are from the Dennis Nielsen or Jeffrey Dahmer School of Love.

So the more flesh exposed the better. Whether it be pock marked, skid marked, Marky marked or whatever, just be proud of your flab. She will love you for it all the more.

Ride Up!


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