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The 2014 budget and subsequent #ToryBingo furore has led many to ask? What things do hardworking people really enjoy? To answer this question GFB has undertaken an exclusive poll of hardworking people and the results show that it’s not just bingo and beer hardworking people enjoy.

Top 10 things that hardworking people enjoy;
1 – Being slapped on the buttocks with a rolled up copy of The Sun.

2 – Eating chips

3 – Biting cats

4 – Opening letters addressed to their neighbours

5 – Smoking crack

6 – Masturbating whilst watching Benefits Street

7 – Holidaying in Lanzarote

8 – Auditioning for X Factor

9 – Watching granny porn (fave film ‘Gum Jobs’)

10 – Twitter and Facebook trolling

Daniel Wankstain coalition insider commented, “The Government will be thrilled with the results of GFB’s poll. We know we’re in tune with the hardworking and indeed for that matter the handwanking people of Britain. Who doesn’t like a game of bingo and a warm can of Fosters on a Friday night? But as a Government we know we can do more and are actively working on free porn credits for older people, cat biting lessons for unemployed young people and Crack on prescription for single parents and the disabled. Now, got to dash, it’s Happy Hour in the Commons Bar, tally ho!’
Deficit? What Deficit?
Just remember we are all in this together!

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Last month I wrote about – “National Kick A Ginger Day” after Ginger haired kids in a Yorkshire school were set upon by other pupils. Purely because they had ginger hair.

You can read the post in here in full

I was worried that in the future we would hear how this concoction of physical and cyber bullying will lead to serious injury to an innocent kid who happens to be Ginger – but it is OK  – it was only done “for a laugh” and “no harm was meant.”

Simon Walters, below was just 14 years of age when he hung himself in his Smethwick home last October because of taunts and abuse from other pupils about his ginger hair. 

Simon Walters who committed suicide in October last year

I would like to point out the “Kick A Ginger Day” is still scheduled for November 20th and there remain Facebook accounts open to promote this nonsense.

Twitter has a #kickagingerday thread doing the rounds now.

Please contact Facebook to close these pages down and also Tweet to counter the thoughtless nonsense on  #kickagingerday .

A tasteless joke is spiralling out of control. It is only a hair colour after all.


For  confidential  support call the Samaritans in the UK on 08457 90 90 90.

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