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The Diving Dalai

Gingerfightback’s correspondent,  Ying-Yang Karma-Farmer-Hop Pole was delighted to see the Dalai Lama display his diving prowess recently when his holiness visited the Pond’s Forge swimming centre in Sheffield.

board copy

Inspecting The Boards!

Before you could say “Free Tibet!” the Bouncing Buddhist had stripped off his robes to reveal a well toned torso.


 Famous Dalai Lama epithets about Diving.

1. “If we enter water too fast – budgie smugglers damage the knackers. Protect your knackers.”

2. “Belly flop is nature’s way of telling you  – you shite at diving.”

Last week it was the Pope on the Pommel. We are sure you agree these two leaders are certainly fit for purpose!


The Pontiff displayed enormous strength and precision particularly in his flair kicks.

pommel 1pope

He Has Flair

Busty Born Again Catholic Beauty, Angharad Big Baps cooed, “First the Pope and now the Dalai! God damn I’m gettin’ me some ol’ time religion!”

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Hello Folks,

Ginger Sooty, GLOVE PUPPET OF DREAMS provides a daily round-up of events at the London 2012 Olympics that are, quite simply London 2012. Here is his update for Day 4.

Hello everyone,

Great to see Tom Daley from Team GB in the diving. Is he British though? Check out how white his teeth are! And he can form a sentence!

I had the chance to have a sneak preview of Tom’s Olympic Diary, sponsored by Dairycrest.

“Diving Daley’s Daily Dairy Diary” is a great read. For example;

“July 30th – Got out of bed with triple somersault, piked in tuck position and had a bowl of Frosties. Cleaned teeth with twist and pike.  Off to the pool for some diving practice. Floss on the way.”

Diving does not make great radio, “He jumps…..He’s in the water.”

Also a highlight  was the record score by the USA’s Vincent Hancock in  Skeet Shooting. If like me you wondered where Skeet Ulrich’s promising career ended up…

A couple of sports for you to look out for today.

1. Long Distance Circumcision –  One of the highlights of any games. Can Yitzhak Cohen create history by winning his fourth consecutive gold? He is everyone’s tip. But expect a nip and tuck showdown with Hilary Bump from Team GB. He is eager for a slice of the action.

2. Team Nervous Tittering In The Dark – One for the purists this.  It just shows how inclusive the Games are. Even the bashful get a go! Expect the gold to go Cambodia, led by the Queen of the Titterers, Tee Hee-Hee.

Enjoy The Games! Sooty.

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