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The Poor Lad

The Poor Lad

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Here are some great Eminem Sausage Raps!

1. The Real Slim Sausage

2. Love The Way You Sausage

3. Cleanin’ Out My Sausage

4. Eight Mile Sausage

5. Under The Sausage

6. Lose Your Sausage

Although they’ve never worked together, here is the picture of Adele singing with a Sausage in Hand and on Head – altogether now – “Aaah’m the shlim shade, da reel shlim shadeee, hic”.


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The Chubby Chancer Himself!


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The regular reader of Gfb will know that we keep a close eye on the colourful love life of political Titan and toilet roll winder Sarah Palin. Well, it seems as though the ideological base camp for the Pea Tarty has a new man in her life.

Piers Morgan!


Yes, the chubby chancer from Blighty who has done his profile no harm in the US with his views on Gun Laws has been locked in a passionate triste with Mama Grizzly. They met at a If You Don’t Own A Bazooka You Are A Fag Commie event in Idaho organised by The National Arm Everyone To The Teeth And We Will All Be Safer And If You Believe That You Really Are A Deranged Loon Association.

Hank A-Lynchin’ spokesman for the NAETTTAWWABSAIYBTYRAADLA, told Gfb, “Eat lead Limey!” before rushing off to make duck noises with a wooden implement as is his constitutional right.

Sarah confided to a close pal, “Piers may want gun control but boy oh boy can he handle his weapon!”

Sarah’s children Colt, Glock, Smith n Weston and Kalashnikov, love it when Piers pops round and bares his arms, as they reveal tattoos of Lassie and Simon Cowell.

Gfb asked Professor Pat Isserie, Lecturer in Lechering, University of Manitoba, for his views on these developments. “Phwoarr!” he said.

We wish them well.

Gfb's Travel Ace

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With Bill Clinton on the stump, we have unearthed several remarkable photos showing how Monica’s Lewinsky’s dress complete with spill, became haute couture amongst the great and the good a few years ago.

You couldn’t make it up! (But we did) You can see some here! and here!

Is that Mother Theresa wearing Monica’s Dress?

Good God!

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