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Hello Folks,

As the Amsterdam hangover fades, Gingerfightback continues to leave no stone unturned in our incessant quest for the truth. Fearless reporting, bribery and fabrication are in our armoury.

Brian Sewer, plummy mouthed onanist,found this version of the Mona Lisa in Arles in Southern France.  It has been carbon dated back as far as 1967 and the canvass is an authentic Cornflakes cereal packet. This is how Da Vinci Code really wanted his painting to end up.

As Brain said, “Note the brushwork, the enigmatic smile on her lips and above all the signature that rearranged, would spell Da Vinci.  It has to be authentic. I rest my case. Where’s the bar?”

What do YOU think art connoisseurs? FAKE or REAL?


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