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Hello! Gfb is grabbing some me time for the next week or so. Hooray! we hear you cry – sadly we don’t disappear that easily – here are some posts which proved popular. Hope you like them second time around.

#1 The Sperm With A Perm


The Sperm With A Perm will be providing a regular update on his hopes and fears for impregnation. So, without further ado, over to you Sperm With A Perm!

Hi Everyone!

Been busy since I last wrote!

It was my cousin Tom’s 3rd minute birthday! Just imagine trying to play musical chairs with 120 million others! Takes Ages!  I never want to hear Three Blind Mice again!

No sign of impregnating an egg at the moment! Bit slow out of the blocks recently! Just as well! He has been on his own in a hotel room! And we all know what that means!

Sentient life will be great though – better than this load of bollocks! Think of it! Arthritis! Embarrassment! Laughter! Riding A Bike! Love! Having A Crush On Mother Theresa! ONIONS! Masturbation! (although would that be genocide?!)

Just gotta find that egg!

Shame the Pope is stepping down! He was a true friend of sperm!

Hang on! I can hear New Kids On The Block being cranked up on the stereo!

Must Go!

Right……Ready Or Not…..Here I Come!


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