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New York – Meadowbrook State Parkway between Zeckendorf Boulevard (#M2) and Stewart Avenue (#M3)  – accident blocking the right lane.
Sadly this means we will not be able to attend the lecture “Aubergines – Why?” By Professor David Dipping-Sauce, Professor of Vegetables, Soft Fruits and Flans, at The University of Delaware.
Instead we will visit the recently opened World of Leather Sofa Superstore on the Chippenham Road, Swindon to buy a new leather backed corner piece for the front room, reduced to £25.60 from £12,568.78.
A real bargain!

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There  are delays of up to one hour to on the Isle of Man Steam Packet service between Douglas and Liverpool due to adverse weather conditions.

Sadly this means we will miss a very interesting lecture on “The History of Handles on Cups,” by Dougal Frugal, Acting Treasurer of the National Grippers Association. It had a slide show and everything.

Instead we shall visit Swindon Retail Park and stock up on all our road surfacing needs at the recently opened Passion for Asphalt.

Tarmac Heaven!

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