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This week we have been celebrating some of the tough guys on the silver screen. Here is a picture of legendary Belgian, Jean Claude Van Damme with a flan on his noggin from the infamous movies, “Mullet Massacre II – This Time It’s Personal”.

jean claude copy

Here is a still from his 1984 outing, “The Renegade Sock – Kick Him In The Bollox”. JCVD is pictured with his co-star The Ginger Mussel – so it really is a case of The Mussel’s From Brussels! (Ho Ho).


Here are some other images.

Bruce Lee in a fight with Chuck Norris from Bruce’s last film, “The Way Of The Sausage”. Bruce wears his sausage throughout the movie. Why Chuck has got a Scone on his head is anybody’s guess.


Here is Chuck in the Kung Fu remake of Pride and Prejudice,”Die Hard For A Bit One Man War Gone Rogue Miss Bennett,” Pt 2 The Revenge. 

chuck norris copy

Here Is Steven Seagal Wearing A Chinstrap


No oil painting is he!

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Yes! The Hollywood Hardman Gets Ready For War Wearing A Banger On His Bonce!

chuck norris copy

Here Is Steven Seagal Wearing A Chinstrap


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To celebrate the founding of Chinstraps Anonymous, Gingerfightback brings to you some of the great and good down the years who have worn one.

As Churchill said, “Never in the history of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to a Chinstrap”.

Here is Steven Seagal (He’s no oil painting is he!)

But don’t cross him or he will flail you with his ponytail


Now – some old favourites – Enjoy!

Remember Him? The chinstrap was  of little help sadly

Here is Jose “The Special One” Mourinho;


Here Is The Pope!


And here is Steve McQueen!

                                                                             McQueen – The Great Escape – The Chinstrap

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