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I can see all The Shore as my dogs bound away in grateful release

By a dune’s stump

It blasted away by a storm of eight years ago

I sit and stare south in winter’s moonlight

I know this beach

St John’s Point and its lighthouse

The Cow and the Calf

There away, another spot blinks

Cast out from the Isle of Man

Towards Newcastle’s yellow lit streets and shore

Tips of the Mourne Mountains capped with low cloud


A silver beam

Carried the shore’s length

Glittering upon each wave

There above, a brightly lit planet

Shows through the gathering clouds

You are south and tho’ this beach looks south

It’s winds now but safe gusts for summer kite surfers

You are far

Far south

I have your light and look for it

But although see planets

Rocks at sea


I am still here shorebound

For something as simple as you and I

Tonight I cannot see you

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