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Recently we brought damning proof of Mitt Romney’s secret backers which you can see here. All I will say is that I knew the Osmonds were up to something.

Gingerfightback’s top reporter Once Ginger Sooty, has captured another amazing shot.

It shows the evil, spotty genius who, FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE is behind Obama’s attempts to cling on to the Presidency. JOSEF STALIN!

Proof that the Pea Tarty was right all along – OBAMA is a COMMIE BASTARD!

Where’s He Russian Off To?

Wake Up America before this is your new National Anthem!

Thank You Once Again, Once Ginger Sooty!

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A few weeks ago, Gfb told you about Sarah Palin’s affair with disgrace Murdoch crone, Rebekah Brooks. Sadly they have split up – for Sarah has a new love! Nelson Mandela!

Mama Grizzly fell for the 126 year old South African colossus when they discovered a shared passion for topiary.

Sarah has told friends that when she saw Nelson’s ten foot tall rabbit, shaped from his favourite Bay Laurel, she knew he was the one.

Sarah confided to a close pal, “One time with Mandela you’ll never want another fella!”

It appears the lovers also share a passion for sporting chocolates on their heads


Sarah’s children Animal, Mineral, Vegetable and Mineral-Again, all love prodding Nelson with a stick when he pops round to sharpen his shears.

Gfb asked Professor Pat Isserie, Lecturer in Lechering, University of Manitoba, for his views on these developments. “Phwoarr! wouldn’t mind seeing photos of them two going at it. Bet she enjoys sitting atop Nelson’s Column! Phwoarrr….”

We wish them well.

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A few weeks ago, Gfb told you about Sarah Palin’s affair with Cheese. Well sadly they have had a parting of the wheys,  after Sarah discovered a new love. Rebekah Brooks!

You may recall our exclusive footage of Decker Brooks lumping ex-hubby Grant Mitchell. If you didn’t, here it is again!

It appears that Mama Grizzly fell for the flame haired temptress at a mobile phone security conference in Boston where Brooks was the guest speaker.

Palin was on the door.

Sarah confided to a close pal, “Only crooks would consort with Brooks! – so I guess we were meant to be!”

The pair are said to be smitten and regularly go riding together through the Alaskan tundra on horses provided London’s police.

“Corruption” – The Horse Lent By The Police To Brooksy

Commented a source, “Sarah is nuts about Bekah. The link between Brooks, Murdoch and Fox News is entirely coincidental. It has nothing to do with her political ambitions whatsoever.”

We understand that Sarah has told her kids, Animal, Mineral, Vegetable and Mineral -Again, that she and Brooksy are in it for the long haul. “I’ve got no choice,” she allegedly told them, “Brooksy has got my naughty calls to Ritt Momney on tape.”

Gfb asked Professor Pat Isserie, Lecturer in Lechering, University of Manitoba, for his views on these developments. “Phwoarr! wouldn’t mind seeing photos of them two going at it. Have you got any snaps? I pay top dollar!”

Either way it seems that the Grizzly Mama has found love again, once more in an unlikely manner. We wish them well.

If you would like to see a selection of totally made up stories about Sarah’s lovelife, visit our Ginger News page!

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Say Cheese!

News has reached Gfb that Sarah Palin’s lesbian love lust liaison with Liz, The Queen of England has ended.

The pair split a couple of weeks ago after Sarah discovered HRT having a nibble of  odd Jock songstress Susan Boyle.

But Sarah has found love in the arms of an unlikely sauce. Cheese!

Cheddar, Gouda, Emantaler, Ricotta, Feta, and even Stilton, have all been spotted in Alaskan nightspots smooching with Sarah. The perky lass has even engaged in group cheese sessions.

Liz Has A New Love!

But definitely not French cheese. She is a Patriot.

Commented a trusted sauce, “She is crackers about them.”

Gfb asked Professor Eldritch Dip-Thong, Lecturer in Unattributed Quotes, University of Tashkent, for his views on these developments. “Haven’t got one to be honest. But I can make one up if you like!”

Either way it seems that the Rennit lovin’ Grizzly Mama has found her whey again. To prove this she recently took a swipe at Republican Presidential hopefuls, Sick Rantorum and Ritt Momney.

“Is that the best we got to offer? Hell on a Grizzly’s tinkle! I got more balls in each of ma five eyes than those Mofo’s put together! Y’all. Heck. God. Creationism. Beware of blacks. Aryan. Lock ‘n Load!”

We don’t know what it means either.

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The Queen of Hingeland?

Tanktop McBain, Gfb’s lead reporter has learned today that Moma Grizzly, Sarah Palin’s romance with The Pope is over. For more info follow this link – http://gingerfightback.com/2011/12/09/sarah-palins-lovelife/

The doyen of the Pea Tarty, who recently sought to ban Whales because they were big, is being consoled by her lawn mower after the goose stepping Pontiff ditched her for what he laughably described as “God”.

Palin was devastated to finally understand that celibacy was not a delicately cook white fish and was in fact a well-known person with a lisp.

Pope Pius 23rd

“I sure is devastated, but heck y’know life goes on!” Sarah told a close pal whilst teaching her kids, Cre, Ati, On, Ism about the inherent evil that earthworms pose to mankind.

Liz’s Lezzer Lust!

Rumours ripen by the second however that Sarah is now in the arms of a new lover, The Queen of England. She and Lesbo Liz have been seen strolling around Anchorage hand in hand, giggling like school kids and looking dreamily into each other eyes.

“Shucks!” cried Palin, “I admit it. That Liz is one hot bit of ass! You’ll never have a frown once you’ve tried some Windsor Crown!”

She's A Malteser

What first attracted the two lovers? Honeycombed chocolate balls it would appear to us!

However, Buckingham Palace remains tight lipped about the rumours.

"Nature's Played A Cruel Trick On Her"

“Bollocks,” the Keeper of The Royal Satsuma told Gfb, “Her Royal Sinus is not havin’ it large with Ms Palin. Now clear off – I want to watch the repeat of CSI – mind you it is not the same since Grissom left is it?”

So it must be true then.

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