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Today we introduce you to a new contributor to Gfb; Poet, Seer and Woodland Sprite, Hermione Moist.

The following piece is labelled “Desperation” from her short collection of works bravely titled, “Trinkets From My Box”.

Yesterday upon the stair
I met a man who wasn’t there.
I hung about a bit today
He didn’t show; I’ll bet he’s gay.
The bastard.

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Gingerfightback’s ginger laureate, Gingerella has buffed his beret and shaped his goatee and has come up with this little ditty to celebrate Chickens in Sport (particularly Chickens involved in Boxing). Chickens, Boxing, Poetry and Nonsense in harmony. A first.


Ali With A Chicken On His Head

Chicken licken says the sky is falling in
Well who you gonna believe a chicken?
Or a champion of the world?
Don’t you worry about no sky.
Ooof, when I fell on you
You’d know sky
And stars too!
Why am I wearing this chicken?
Hey I own this chicken.

Yeah, boxing’s been good to me.
So now if I fumble
With words and steps
Lumber and stumble.
When I had to stand
I stood.
And stand and dance
And sing
King of the ring.

Ali Hitting Joe Frazier Who Has A Chicken On His Head (But held on with a chinstrap)

George Foreman With His Famous Low Fat Grill On His Head. Is That Chicken On The Grill? Sure Is!

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