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Say Cheese!

News has reached Gfb that Sarah Palin’s lesbian love lust liaison with Liz, The Queen of England has ended.

The pair split a couple of weeks ago after Sarah discovered HRT having a nibble of  odd Jock songstress Susan Boyle.

But Sarah has found love in the arms of an unlikely sauce. Cheese!

Cheddar, Gouda, Emantaler, Ricotta, Feta, and even Stilton, have all been spotted in Alaskan nightspots smooching with Sarah. The perky lass has even engaged in group cheese sessions.

Liz Has A New Love!

But definitely not French cheese. She is a Patriot.

Commented a trusted sauce, “She is crackers about them.”

Gfb asked Professor Eldritch Dip-Thong, Lecturer in Unattributed Quotes, University of Tashkent, for his views on these developments. “Haven’t got one to be honest. But I can make one up if you like!”

Either way it seems that the Rennit lovin’ Grizzly Mama has found her whey again. To prove this she recently took a swipe at Republican Presidential hopefuls, Sick Rantorum and Ritt Momney.

“Is that the best we got to offer? Hell on a Grizzly’s tinkle! I got more balls in each of ma five eyes than those Mofo’s put together! Y’all. Heck. God. Creationism. Beware of blacks. Aryan. Lock ‘n Load!”

We don’t know what it means either.

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