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Hello Folks!

If you missed Ginger Sooty’s last report on the US Election you can read it here!

Mitt had an unfortunate encounter with a man in Michigan. “So you’re a human being huh? Lot smaller than I thought!”

The President announced a major new initiative to turn around the USA’s fortunes through a mass production of night attire. Opyjama Care.

Sarah Palin’s Law of The Day – Sarah was undecided about thinking today although broccoli entered her mind for a short period.

Today’s Great Ginger Wig Of The Office Of The President Of The United States.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Sickly fella. Built the Hoover Dam and choreographed Fred Astaire’s greatest routines. Resurrected Noel Edmond’s TV career through  New Deal or No New Deal. Invented the electric toothbrush.

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