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Many of you will have read that Prince Charles had a pop at Russian President and leading gay rights advocate, Vladimir Putin “On The Ritz” calling Vlad a Nazi. (Best not to look too deeply at Charles’ Grandmother then!)

charles copy

Defender Of The Sausage

What was not revealed was the Chuck, currently annoying people in Nova Scotia, then went on to slam Beatles legend and champion of misjudged cosmetic surgery, Paul McCartney.

Gfb can reveal that Chas said about Macca, “Christ I’m sick of that scouse arsewipe. Ever since he married that one legged Geordie Harpie he’s been a right pain in one’s arse. Always turning up uninvited, Olympics, Jubilee, Weddings. If I hear “Hey Fuckin’ Jude”  emanating from his gob off key one more time I’ll get Mama to lock him in the fuckin’ Tower. He only gets the gig cos Camilla uses his plastic surgeon. Can’t you tell? They have the same nose and chin. Na Na Na Na me arse.”

But that was not all.

An hour later, drink in hand and a touch world weary, Charles was heard to say about the Dalai Lama, “Speccy Chink Wanker. Buddhist my arse. Looks like a nonce to me. Fuckin’ hate vegetarians I do. Never known any situation where having a sausage doesn’t make things better.”


He then hopped over the garden fence to steal a pair of women’s knickers that were drying on a rotary dryer in the balmy Nova Scotian spring air.



“One’s Always Been A Thong Man!”


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“All the world’s a fence.”

Like doubts, we all have them or know someone who has them.

What does your Fence say about you?  Phantom Decker? Patio Poseur ? Wind Damaged? In Need Of Creosote?

Who knows? Who cares! 

Here is the Fence of a famous person. Can you guess who it belongs to?


See below for the answer!

The History Of The Fence – Part1

The history of the fence is the history of humankind.

Fences date back to 64,365 BCE to ancient Mesopotamia. Interestingly, the earliest known gate appears in 23,687 BCE again in Mesopotamia.

The sadly rotted “Great Fence Of Sumer” was constructed in 8,456 BCE by King Ibetshesalezzer to keep his concubines, porcupines and woodbines safe from marauding Pirates from the East (who themselves would adopt Fence technology in later centuries). The Great Fence was said to be so big and woody that it could be seen from outer space. A bold claim.

OK! Whose Fence Is That Above?

Prince Charles!

Here is an exclusive picture of His Royal Fenceness enjoying his Fence (looks like he is about to hop over it to do a spot of scrumping in next door’s garden!)


He goes everywhere with his sausage

If you have any photos of fences of the famous please keep them to yourself!

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charles copy

Defender Of The Sausage

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