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With Bill Clinton on the stump for Obama we have unearthed several remarkable photos showing how popular Monica’s Lewinsky’s dress complete with spill, became amongst the great and the good a few years ago.

You couldn’t make it up! (But we did)

Is that Mahmoud Have-I-Had-Me-Dinner-Yet? President of Iran wearing Monica’s Dress?

Lovely Legs

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A Fringe Character

President Obama led warm birthday tributes to Mohammad Ali who has turned Seventy today.

The President, sporting an exciting new Ginger hair style for the event, offered a warm appreciation of the life and struggle of The Greatest and particularly emphasised the role Ali performed in promoting the use of Chickens in Sport.

He Was Forty Years Ahead Of His Time

The President told Gfb’s lead reported Tanktop McBain, “Ali brought so much to The United States, but I wish to pay particular gratitude for his natty line in chicken headgear. He blazed a trial for I and millions of others to wear inappropriate headwear in public. We owe him a great debt. Do you like my new look? Nifty isn’t it. Michelle loves it.  She thinks it shows off my soft downy eyelashes.”

Whilst we like the look, we can’t help but feel it bears a striking resemblance to his arch nemesis and doyen of the Pea Tarty. Whaddya think?

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