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Easter Island.

The very name evokes feeling of, if nothing else, Easter and Islands.

German professor Emeritus Of Made Up Cobblers, Hans Sandwich recently discovered Giant Ginger Haired Statues in the bit of the Island nobody has ever explored before.

“Ven I Valked To Dees Place, I Vos Wery Shocked By Vot I Saw – Dee Giganticsch Gingereisch Shtatchews – Vous Could Have Knockedeish Me Ova Wid A Fedder.” Commented Doctor Sandwich, who also suffers from Capslock syndrome.

Allow yourself to postulate what the discovery of the Giant Ginger Statues Of Easter Island means to the evolution of humankind in Polynesia all those years ago.

A pixelated conundrum for sure…..

easter 2

Where Are We From?

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