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Ginger Sooty, GLOVE PUPPET OF DREAMS provides a daily round-up of events at the London 2012 Olympics that are, quite simply London 2012.

Great to see Team GB claim the silver in the three-day eventing. Bunty, Tibby, Lucinda, Rupert and Lavinia all deserve our applause. I managed to get really close to the action this time (although my ginger wig fell off in the water jump).

Sooty tails Zara

Also congratulations to Michael “Bongboy”Phelps for securing his place in Olympic history with 18 medals. A terrific achievement. The sponsorship deal with Rizla is richly deserve. No oil painting though is he!

Shooting is another sport that doesn’t lend itself to radio.

A couple of sports for you to look out for today.

1. Cross Country –  Spain is fuming, Paraguay is livid but I expect the puce faced Canadians to take this one. They are SO cross.

2. Bus Stop Haranguing – First appearance in The Games and long overdue in my opinion. Expect Bolivia’s Juan Martin Del-Irius to feature in the medal shake up but I have an inkling that Team GB’s Larry Nutter and his famous Cheese Diatribe perfected over years at Preston Bus Station to nonplussed passengers waiting to alight the bus to Colne will set the Bus Shelter Arena alive with his angry babbling.

Enjoy The Games! Sooty.

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