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Keep Kitty Safe Tonight!

The Government is reminding people to keep their pets indoors tonight as Britain sets about torching a few Papists on Bonfire Night.

Now That's What I Call A Syrup

If You Have A Baby Elephant Keep Him Indoors Tonight!

Naturalist Chris Packham said, “Burning Catholics is acceptable to me as long as people’s pussies and bow wows don’t get scaredy waredey by bangs, whizzes and the screams of idolators as their flesh peels from their bones in the burning pyres that will cleanse them of their sins.”



Whilst burning left footers is a long treasured tradition in Britain, concerns are growing that the supply of Catholics is dwindling and that future burning stock will have to be imported. Another option being considered is the introduction of a Catholic Burning Tax Credit, where Catholics will be encouraged to offer parts of their anatomies for immolation in return for tax exemptions.


Duncan-Spliff – Up In Smoke

Ian Duncan-Spliff, Minister for Work, Pensions and Burning Scroungers told Gingerfightback, “Yeah man, me’s hexpectin to light me GANJA on de bonfire wi’ a burnin’ catlick roastin’ on de top all bernie bernie like. Me new sang go sometin’ like dis,

“All across de nation,

People call fire station

To hobtain big stick

To turn de burning Catlick”

Thank you Ian Duncan Spliff. Work in progress.

You Have To Hand It To Him!

Pope Maradona told Gingerfightback, “On me head son. Give and go. Me legs have gone all trembly ‘cos I’m going to Wembley. Burn Methodists or Bono.”

bono2 copy

Singe His Sausage


Got Too Close To The Bonfire!

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