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Jackson Pollock.

A name synonononononomous with Modern Art.

At last GFB can answer the conununununudrum that art lovers have been asking, “How did he do it?”

With A Sausage!

As the picture below reveals, Jacko (to his mates) daubed, dabbed and splatted his way to artistic glory using the humble banger.

pollock copy

Jackson and his sausage working on Number 11

In the upcoming book, “The Art of Sausage – Meat and Mayhem,” author Lester Mould reveals that Jackson experimented with Frankfurters, Bratwursts and Chorizo before settling on the good old Irish Banger for his applications.

“Jackson discovered the Irish Banger had a greater flicking distance, dribbling capacity and splatter power than more porous American sausages of the time. Just imagine if he hadn’t developed the Sausage techniques he may have continued in his quest to find the perfect way to apply paint using cauliflowers.  Lucky for us he did!”

Cauliflower Art never really took off. Sadly.




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This week’s request comes from the wonderful Appleton Avenue whose site you can find here!

Here is the Statue Of Liberty sporting a sausage garland, which apparently was the original design of the Monsieur Saucisse, L’homme who designed the old girl.

stat2 copy



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Hello Folks!

Oily George, Gfb’s Beauty ace,  is in North America scouting locations for adult versions of two Shakespeare plays.

King Leer and the The Porn Merchant of Venice Beach, are in pre-production.  Donny McGuff will star as Leer and Shycock respectively in these erotic Elizabethan extravaganzas.

Thanks to Gfb’s friend and fellow blogger, Lizzie Cracked we have come up with an unforgettable prize competition for Oily’s legion of fans.


Over the next few weeks, Oily is scouting  locations in the following areas;

Los Angeles

Burt Reynold’s Wig

Salt Lake City

Minnesota (In a Van Halen tribute band)

Tom Cruise’s underpants


Walton Mountain


Baffin island

New York

The Partridge Family’s Bus



Petrocelli’s unfinished house

New Orleans

Swamp Daddy’s Crawfish Shack


If you are near any of these locations and would like to meet Oily, the prize on offer is;

1. A body part (of your choice) in one of the movies

2. A signed copy of Oily’s new biography “Oily – The Leopard Print Years”.

3. A night out with Oily at the world famous Slippery Sam’s in Galveston, Texas

So, for a chance to win, simply complete the following caption in less than 12 words!

“I want to meet Oily George and admire his enormous……..”

We look forward to receiving your entries. (Over 18’s only please, GSOH, Non-Smokers, No Knob Jokes and NO TIME WASTERS).

Closing Date June 32nd 2012.

*(This competition is in the sole ownership of Gingerfightback promotions and as such all intellectual property, either implied or explied will remain with the pre-said organisation unless a sausage can be waved in the air in a threatening manner).

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New York – Meadowbrook State Parkway between Zeckendorf Boulevard (#M2) and Stewart Avenue (#M3)  – accident blocking the right lane.
Sadly this means we will not be able to attend the lecture “Aubergines – Why?” By Professor David Dipping-Sauce, Professor of Vegetables, Soft Fruits and Flans, at The University of Delaware.
Instead we will visit the recently opened World of Leather Sofa Superstore on the Chippenham Road, Swindon to buy a new leather backed corner piece for the front room, reduced to £25.60 from £12,568.78.
A real bargain!

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