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London awoke this morning to the site of world famous clock, Big “The Beast” Ben sprouting a glorious moustache.

Agog at the sight, retired civil servant Geoffrey Pike said, “Is it real or a stick on one? I blame the French,” before walking to the baker’s to buy his cat some fish. Without success. As an insurance policy he tried the bank. Again with no success.

big ben copy

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Gee Junior!

Looks like the home of The President of Th USA has grown a giant ginger moustache to honour Movember!

“Wooooooooo!” Exclaimed Peyton Place III Jr as he skateboarded to the baker’s to buy his pet cat some fish. Without success. So he  visited an insurance broker again with no success!

The-White-House copy

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There was panic on le streets of gay Paris today, when slovenly Frenchmen awoke to discover that “The Eiffel Tower” had sprouted a glorious ginger moustache for Movember.

“Zoot alors,” cried John-Pierre Nonchalant-Shrug from his local boulangerie where he goes every morning to buy a piece of fish for his cat. Without success.


Le Tour Le ‘Tache

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