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There is a line in a song that goes “Too much lovin’ drives a boy insane.” Great song by a great pop combo. Their name escapes me.

Too much tea drove me to the toilet.

I stumbled down the carriage, knocking into other passengers. I finally accepted that Olympic Gold on The Beam was folly.

I reached the toilet and opened the door.

He was sitting there. Trousers around his ankles. On his right knee was a tattoo of The Queen. On his left knee an inky effigy of Prince Phillip. A staunch Monarchist. Not to be messed with.

A newspaper was on his lap. I thanked my lucky stars that The Daily Telegraph is still a broadsheet.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Not at all,” he replied, “Actually, while you are here, could you help me with this clue?Two words, Seven and Five – an Ogre’s repast.”

“Monster Munch?” I replied.

“Great!” he said, “But that means that Aubergine can’t be correct.” He frowned.

I left him to ponder this conundrum and walked to the next cubicle, again knocking into people.  The cubicle was empty. I made sure the door was locked before I did me business.

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