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My name is Terry Cotter. I’m a potter.

I have been potterising for over 20 years and stock a wide range of ceramic goods in my shop The Potter’s Reel, down here in Lower Swell. The shop is named after my potter’s wheel which goes round and round. Like a reel.

We have a Sale on at the moment. All plates are £5 each, mugs are £2.50 each and the hand finished ceramic bananas, which didn’t fly of the shelves are reduced to £547 each. Value For Money. Only another 6,567 to shift. So come on down.

Here are some reviews of some of my favourite bits from the world they call “Art”.

1. Painting

Autumn Rhythm – One of Jackson Pollock’s most famous. I don’t have a clue either.

2. Movies

Dances With Wolves – Don’t Dance With Wolves. They will eat you. Great car chase and the underwater fight scenes are wonderful. Who will ever forget Whitney Houston’s theme tune? Goes on a bit.

3. Music

Michael Buble- Christmas – I love Micheal Bubble – Ba Ba Boo Boo so to speak – I just haven’t met him yet – needs to wash his hair first though – it is greasy in my opinion. Goes on a bit.

4. Literature

The Times Atlas Of The World – Got this for Christmas! Maps spelt backwards is Spam. Now there’s a thought. Goes on a bit.

Village News

The Postman

Whoever stole his rubber band ball (10 years in the making) could they please return it. He was only four short of the world rubber band collection set by an itinerant Sioux postal worker stalker in the Oklahoma in the 1960’s.

Request Review – The Thought Fox by Ted Hughes

This was requested by the marvellous Hollyannegetspoetic (http://hollyannegetspoetic.wordpress.com/).

Ted Hughes was a poet (I once went out with a girl called Ted Hughes). He had a famous girlfriend (Anne Frank I think her name was) and he wrote a lot of poems. They didn’t rhyme so he can’t have been very good.

This one is about a Fox thinking about writing a poem. Clever Fox I say. Bit hard for a Fox to hold a pen though. And it doesn’t rhyme. So not such a clever Fox. Goes on a bit too.

My wife said it was an Allegory. Shame he lost to George Bush.

‘Til next time – The Wheel Keeps On Turning!


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