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A few weeks ago, Gfb told you about Sarah Palin’s affair with disgrace Murdoch crone, Rebekah Brooks. Sadly they have split up – for Sarah has a new love! Nelson Mandela!

Mama Grizzly fell for the 126 year old South African colossus when they discovered a shared passion for topiary.

Sarah has told friends that when she saw Nelson’s ten foot tall rabbit, shaped from his favourite Bay Laurel, she knew he was the one.

Sarah confided to a close pal, “One time with Mandela you’ll never want another fella!”

It appears the lovers also share a passion for sporting chocolates on their heads


Sarah’s children Animal, Mineral, Vegetable and Mineral-Again, all love prodding Nelson with a stick when he pops round to sharpen his shears.

Gfb asked Professor Pat Isserie, Lecturer in Lechering, University of Manitoba, for his views on these developments. “Phwoarr! wouldn’t mind seeing photos of them two going at it. Bet she enjoys sitting atop Nelson’s Column! Phwoarrr….”

We wish them well.

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