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lenin ski jump

Ginger Sooty, GLOVE PUPPET OF DREAMS provides a daily round-up of events at the Winter Olympics that are, quite simply Sochi 2014.

This fella came down a snowy slope quickly.

Well known Fiddleist Vanessa Mae came down a snowy slope rather slowly (but more quickly than I could ever do) whilst playing the Violin bit in Dexy’s classic C’mon Eileen.

Dutch are shtill doing well in the der Shpid Shkatin’! Jeesh, thoshe thighsh!


A couple of sports to look out for.

1. Bob Slay

How many men called Bob can you find in an hour and put to death? A sport that is not for the feint hearted. Judging is scored on  despatching technique (hands favoured over weaponry) and artistic impression.

Strange Vernon from Australia is the favourite. Best not to ask why….

2. Cresta  Run Team Tickle

Two teams slide down the ice side by side armed only with a feather duster and pluck. Points are scored when the duster strikes a designated “tickle zone” on the body – neck, armpit, behind the knee and base of foot – causing the opponent to giggle or at least titter.

Vladimir Itchykov is favourite to take the Gold after his world record Titter Giggle score of 46 last week. All the more impressive when you know that Vladimir sold his testicles to fund his vodka habit.


Enjoy The Games!

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That’s right – the old Bolshevik was stoked as he lay down some steamers alongside a piked 5 Year Tractor Plan with a hint of Marxist Dialectic 720 thrown in for good measure.

He landed with a trademark hammer and sickle stance and then proceeded to throttle the life out of various Baltic States.


Oi Mensheviks! You Watchin’?

When asked about his love of Socialist Snowboardin’ he simply replied, “Capitalism my arse.”


The Marxist Marauder!

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Ginger Sooty, GLOVE PUPPET OF DREAMS provides a daily round-up of events at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics that are, quite simply Sochi 2014.

Well Folks –  What A Day!

This bloke from somewhere slid faster than another bloke from somewhere and won the sliding along/down/across on frozen water.

Britain’s highlight of the day was watching Tories splutter as their political heartland sank under the floods. As one Gay UKIP wag may have said, “It is God’s curse on us for allowing women bishops!”

We saw this fella in the Ski Jimp and thought. Mmmmm…..Russia……Revolution……bearded Marxist……yes folks……..IT’S LEAPING LENIN!

lenin ski jump

The Great Leap forward!

A couple of sports to look out for.

1. Octogenarian Testicle Slalom –  The stretchy tessies elderly gentlemen possess! The record slalom from a standing point is 17 gates and 23o feet of sac unfurled.

Favourite is 104 year old Kano Sackorollo from Japan who made world headlines this week  after an emergency occurred on board his plane to Sochi. The emergency slides  failed to activate and Kano rolled out his scrotum to allow passengers to glide (after taking their shoes off naturally) to safety.

Expect (non) stiff competition from Spain’s Manuel Cardosa who hires his knackers out as a marquee!

2. The Nuns From The Sound Of Music Lesbian Lover Lust – On Ice!  –  The world’s greatest ice based lesbian team sport makes its debut at the games. Favourites are the Australian team of Bull Dyke bus drivers, but expect a plucky performance by the crack team from Venezuela.

I know I will be glued to the TV as they seek to sort out Maria’s Problem!

Enjoy The Games!


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Red or Dead He’s Under My Bed!

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Gfb’s Emeritus Professor of Cobblers, Mikhail Crawshawnikov, has delved into the Kremlin archives to discover these amazing facts. For the first time, we can reveal the role of the hairpiece in shaping the 20th Century and beyond….

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov – A Tale Of Revolutionary Hairpieces .

“Mum. Mum.”

“Vot iz it Vladimir”

“Mum. Mum. Do you think that being Ginger will ever hamper my chances of ever being a professional revolutionary and lead the Ginger Democratic Social Worker’s Party?……Mum. Mum.”

“Not now love. I’m doin’ me catalogue money.”

“Oh but Mum. Mum.”

“Look Vlad, if you don’t shut it son I’ll beat you over the head with your Tsar Nicholas the Second Doll.”

“But Mum -”

“Please Vlad, not now. I’m perfecting my doorstep technique.”

“Ding-Dong! – Volga calling. Bloody Hell is that you or the drains?”

“Mum, if I don’t get any attention I’m going to form a Worker’s Revolutionary Party and assassinate the Royal Family”

“That’s nice dear.”

“Nobody listens to me. I’m going to my room to play with my Bolsheviks.”

“You’ll go blind dear”.

In his formative years Vladimir was not affected by blindness as predicted by his Mother, but by the execution of his brother for sporting flamboyant hair.

He finished his Law Degree in 1891 with the intention of helping fellow victims of the Anti-Ginger wave sweeping the Country. His slogan ‘Where there’s a Ginge, there’s a claim, innit’ was frequently whispered among the thinking classes in the City of Moscow.

He was eventually exiled to Serbia for being a bit of a nuisance. It was there that he married Nadezhda Krupskaya. The inventor of Ginger Scrabble.

On his return from Siberia he tried to become a real nuisance by changing his name to Lenin – the Latin for Ginger (Well, that’s what some bloke in a pub told him).

My Favourite Beatle

After The Great War he decided that the way forward was to collaborate with the Germans. He saw it in his Atlas but thought it said Ginger.

His wife wasn’t impressed, mainly because it was only worth ten points in Scrabble.

He was required to dye his hair Blonde and wear heels to make him taller.

The Pharmacy he visited in Munich was right out of Blonde, there had been a bit of a run on it, so he settled for Burnt Chestnut.

On the box he noticed a ‘Money Off’ Voucher for a Luger Parabellum.

He sent off for it and organised the October Revolution.

His best mate in all this kerfuffle was part time hypnotist and wheel clamper Leon Trotsky. He went on to become famous as a song writer for the Stranglers.

Trotsky had a magnificent shock of red hair and Lenin was so impressed that he named his army after it. Whilst on a Saga holiday holiday in Mexico someone took a shine to his impressive barnet and attempted to remove it with an ice pick.

Should Have Gone To Spec Savers

As his attacker tugged frantically to remove the golden mane, Hotel guests could clearly hear Trotsky singing ‘No more earholes any more’.

Both parties ended up disappointed and the Stranglers string of hit singles dried up.

The Bolsheviks (Russian for Ginger) made absolute pests of themselves, Goose Stepping around in high heels with outrageous ginger bouffant hairstyles. Lenin apparently had the complete set including a merkin and bum hair.

His efforts to transform the Russian Economy to a Socialist model, stalled when he began to express his undying love for Lillian Gish and lighting enormous Cuban cigars with large denomination banknotes.

He introduced a New Economic Policy to encourage a measure of Private Enterprise. This enabled him to set up ‘Ginger Knick-Knacks’ a small, second hand armaments business just off St. Peter’s Square. In the later years of his life he supplied the hardware and buffet lunches for the May Day march past.

He died in 1924. Pravda headlined it ‘A Catastrophe.’

He was succeeded by Joseph Stalin who was elected on the Ginger card.

Quit Stalin And Tell Us What You Think

Imagine the shock and horror that reverberated around the Country when he was spotted in Toni and Guy’s in Moscow having a Ginger rinse.

He endeavoured to win favour with the Peasants, introducing his ‘Grow Carrots Go Ginger’ Policy. Unfortunately the Peasants didn’t like the taste of them and all died. The outcome of this meant that there was no one left to vote for him so he knocked it on the head and opened a wet fish shop in Minsk. It proved to be a great success.

"Putin On The Ritz"

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