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Ginger Sooty, GLOVE PUPPET OF DREAMS provides a daily round-up of events at the London 2012 Olympics that are, quite simply London 2012.

Well Folks –  Nearly there!

Maris Strombergs from Latvia won the BMX gold.  The wicker basket on the front of his bike didn’t slow him down. Team GB’s entrant promises to take his stabiliser wheels off for Rio.

The USA 4×100 metres women’s team broke the world record, while Britain’s lads dropped the baton (once again).

There was an upset in the men’s Kayak Single (K1) 200m, where Piotr Siemionowski of Poland finished sixth and did not qualify for the final. Watching it I was continually chanting “Hiawatha, Hiawatha, Hiawatha”.

Another great Kayaker to miss out was Kirk Douglas. The photo shows what happened to his Kayak!

A couple of sports to look out for.

1. Salad Dressing

Italian Mario Zucchini is the one to beat. His lettuce in thong, beetroot in slingbacks combo was not only erotic, challenging and daring it was also very tasty.

In the World Championships in Luamba this year, Zucchini’s coleslaw capped with a Titfer and Tomato in double breasted single vent suit literally took the world of Sport’s Salad Dressing to new heights.

Although it left a nasty taste in the mouth with his competitors.

Ireland’s Paddy McMuff the self-styled “King of Cabbage Bra” will feature in the medal hunt.

2. Agoraphobic Orienteering

Test event at this year’s games.

Actually it started ten days ago but no-one has left the changing tent yet.  The sound of knees knocking together dominates.

Yeng Bing Yang of China took a peek out of the tent and this places her in the gold medal position.

Enjoy The Games!


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