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This week we have been celebrating some of the tough guys on the silver screen. Here is a picture of legendary Belgian, Jean Claude Van Damme with a flan on his noggin from the infamous movies, “Mullet Massacre II – This Time It’s Personal”.

jean claude copy

Here is a still from his 1984 outing, “The Renegade Sock – Kick Him In The Bollox”. JCVD is pictured with his co-star The Ginger Mussel – so it really is a case of The Mussel’s From Brussels! (Ho Ho).


Here are some other images.

Bruce Lee in a fight with Chuck Norris from Bruce’s last film, “The Way Of The Sausage”. Bruce wears his sausage throughout the movie. Why Chuck has got a Scone on his head is anybody’s guess.


Here is Chuck in the Kung Fu remake of Pride and Prejudice,”Die Hard For A Bit One Man War Gone Rogue Miss Bennett,” Pt 2 The Revenge. 

chuck norris copy

Here Is Steven Seagal Wearing A Chinstrap


No oil painting is he!

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