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Hello Folks,

My good friend Jo recently lost her long battle with Cancer and died  a week ago. She was a wonderful woman. Funny, intelligent, beautiful and strong.

Her husband Steve has kindly given me permission to reproduce one of her poems which captures the reality of living with Cancer.

I hope you will read and enjoy Remission.



The panther prowls the gloom of my nightmare.

Stealthy with menace, it skulks on huge paws.

I hold on tight to a rickety chair


I stand stock-still as it sniffs at the air

And idly yawns, opening steel-trap jaws.

The panther prowls the gloom of my nightmare.


I will it not to detect my despair

At the glint of teeth, its talon-sharp claws.

I hold on tight to the rickety chair.


It lurks in the shadows, I know it’s there.

Rigid with fear, sweat runs from my pores.

The panther prowls the gloom of my nightmare


And casually stretches. I shrink, too aware

Of its power slinking close on all-fours.

I hold on tight to the rickety chair


With razor-wire claws and its teeth sharply bare,

It doesn’t see me, obeys its own laws.

The panther prowls the gloom of my nightmare.

I loosen my grip on the impotent chair.

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Can it be true
Is this what a man is
What is a man
What is it to be a man?
Belly forward,
Smart jacket,
Out the scowling door.
Son scuttling behind.
Son young enough still,
Young enough to briefly pause.
Time enough
At least,
To help his mother on with her cardigan.
This moment of weakness
My hope for his future
He followed his dad.
She swallowing her Grinding pain.
She wincing,
She taking it
Bearing it.
Sucking it up
Grimace after Grimace.
With small shuffling
Agonizing steps
Followed out.
Out the A&E door
Off into the night.
Would it be too much to expect more kindness?
A surfeit of kindness.
God but for a bit of kindness.

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