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Bend down the ripe cherries to me
Bend me the bough
Red dining of cherries
Swift summers ripening
Chin and mouth

Spilling juice
Sweet sucking of stones
Bend to me the cherries
Bend me the bough.

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When you go to the bottom of the well

In sadness scrabbling the deep ooze and

Mud scrambling around below

The talk then is of the climb back up but

There are sometimes valuable things down there

Peopled from times past

Reasons to go down

The echo of words spoken of those who went before

Their history hopes and dreams now spent for themselves

But cast there not to be weighed down and hold fast the present

But given for us to find

A safe ballast

With twisted golden torc through free

To other lands

Our future theirs

Their dreaming hands wrought twists

Living longer than flesh

Dreaming remains

Golden summer or winter night

Livings loud delight

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