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Katie Hopkins

Little ray of non-publicity seeking sunshine Katie Hopkins is under a cloud at the moment. The Queen of mock outrage, who has a trombone for a kneecap recently visited a Food Bank in Devon with the aim of belittling “the feckless” scroungers who use it.

She lambasted a legless man for wasting the nation’s resources by buying trousers saying, “This is why the country is going to the dogs. If legless people can afford trousers then something is seriously wrong.”

A kerfuffle then ensued with a woman waiting at a nearby bus stop. For the #34 to Tiverton.

“My arse she’s waiting for a bus!” said Katie to the handily located camera, “She is probably a prostitute. She looks like one. And she is hanging about. All adds up.”

cowpatfarage copy


It was when Katie left the Food bank to assail a nearby roundabout for being round, that staff noticed a number of tins of marrow fat peas were missing.

An insider told Gfb newshound, Cindy Etch-a-Sketch, “Katie had just finished a frenzied sex session with Nigel Farage and needed to replenish her energy levels with marrow fat peas which you can only get at Food Banks these days. She will send a cheque to cover the cost. He is lucky. Katie normally eats the male after copulation.”

Duncan-Spliff 'avin it laaarge.....

Duncan-Spliff ‘avin it laaarge…..

If you have any spare tins of marrow fat peas why not send them to Katie!





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As reporting restrictions have been lifted on the trial of Jacko’s Quacko, Gfb can bring to your attention the role of bees in the pop legend’s career.

As a keen apiarist, Michael endured regular stings to get his hands on the honey. In 1977 such was the plethora of stings suffered, that his signature cry of “Ow!” was born and his sinewy flapping to swat the enraged insects away morphed into those nifty dance routines.

The squeals were used extensively by Quincy Jones during the production of Off The Wall and became synonymous with Michael for the rest of his career.

Below is the building where Off The Wall was recorded.

The Jackson Hive!

Another Form of Apiary

I’ll get me coat…………

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