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A modern classic – Old slaphead needed a syrup and a sausage.

gothic sausage copy

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Gingerfightback’s film critic Mark Commode, has discovered that the central character in the Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Caesar  – was originally going to be Ginger as the film’s producers believed it would make the whole thing more realistic.



Ginger and ever so angry

The next instalment, provisionally titled, “Early Morning On The Planet Of The Apes – Kippers for Breakfast” will feature a spectacular bicycle  chase  modelled on the attached outtake from, “Late Afternoon On The Planet Of The Apes – Not So Warm When The Sun Goes In Is It?”

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This week Hermione turns her proud pen to travel…….
Up the airy mountain
Down the rushy glen
We daren’t go a-hunting
For fear of little men
We folk, good folk
Trooping all together
Green jacket, red cap
And white owl’s feather!
Ginger dwarfs in skirts
Waving their swords
Not the best advert
For Scotland’s Tourist Board.

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Easter Island.

The very name evokes feeling of, if nothing else, Easter and Islands.

German professor Emeritus Of Made Up Cobblers, Hans Sandwich recently discovered Giant Ginger Haired Statues in the bit of the Island nobody has ever explored before.

“Ven I Valked To Dees Place, I Vos Wery Shocked By Vot I Saw – Dee Giganticsch Gingereisch Shtatchews – Vous Could Have Knockedeish Me Ova Wid A Fedder.” Commented Doctor Sandwich, who also suffers from Capslock syndrome.

Allow yourself to postulate what the discovery of the Giant Ginger Statues Of Easter Island means to the evolution of humankind in Polynesia all those years ago.

A pixelated conundrum for sure…..

easter 2

Where Are We From?

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everest copy

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The mysteries of Genetics revealed!

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He may just have been re-elected, but this is without doubt his greatest honour!

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“I’m Home!”

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Having being lucky enough to visit Florence to view it au naturelle as it were, I can honestly say it is as close to artistic perfection as I have ever seen.

The Original David, as intended by Michelangeloangeloangelo.

As our Arts correspondent Brian Sewer said upon seeing the orignal, “Ginger pubes? Yuk! I need a dwinky after that. Bar Keep!”

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Another Ginger Gold!

Will we ever forget his spindly legged race for home?

When asked about his award from Gingerfightback Mo said, “I’ve always wanted to be ginger. This is even better than winning the 10,000 metres!”

Go Mo!

Suits Him!

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