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Thanks to those of you who got in touch about clothing marks on the torso which you can read here

Sometimes a man needs a fry up. As much as I appreciate my lovely wife Shirley’s attempts to prolong my life via roughage, there are times you just need a bit of bacon and egg.

So I nipped into the Corner Cafe and ordered three eggs, three sausages, four rashers, beans, tomatoes, fried slice, fried potatoes, chips, black pudding, white pudding, kidneys. liver, chicken burger, beans, mushroom, burger, fish fingers, toast. And broccoli. Oh and a mug of tea. I like a strong cup of tea and this one could do press ups.

£4.50 – Bargain in anyone’s eyes.

Whilst this snack was being readied I needed the facilities. Whilst on me throne, enjoying the smell of frying bacon from the kitchens, I read about the growing food shortage in the world and how mass starvation was only years away.

After the third flush was finally succesful, I cancelled the toast. I remember my mum telling me to think of the starving children in Africa when I moaned about those fish paste sandwiches.

I like to do my bit. Did a sponsored walk once,  for Athlete’s Foot Anonymous. Played havoc with my rash.



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