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He is an ugly bastard
And may they have ugly
Nose picking children.

He is also charming and funny
When talking to his children.
As is his tired wife
She would have been a beauty
She still has something about her eyes
But her mouth had dived down in the direction of
The pants he no longer tears off with his teeth
The pants struggle to contain her now
Never to be shifted
Third child’s
Spare rib burning
Gok Wan and his
‘How to look good naked’
Skin and flesh.

That nose of his
Once cute
Now has a child’s face
Following a strumpered
Thrumming Hooter.

But they both have known how to wrangle their children.
Both with the calloused hands of the Dude.
Both full timers
In for the long ride.
Red necked and worn.
They’ve been in the glare of the sun’s
Bloody rays too long.

Cracks are showing
With the exhaustion
Causing her to hang her head.
The kids Chicken Licken turn,
Failing now to impress.
Once it played to packed houses and rave reviews
Now the author would
Slice and dice it all.

His dancing pony won’t
Cut it either
As now the cancer has returned
And the children
Scenting blood in the water
Circle snapping

Ganging up and snapping at
Her trailing
Umbilical innards.

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