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Hello Folks!

El Guapola, a man who jumps into mid-air with only a laccy band around his waist, has organised a surprise birthday bash for the Muse that is Lizzie Cracked, she of the wonderful mid-afternoon mental moments.

I always enjoy her posts. For example this one hit the spot.


Apparently I have to write Birthday 6/7  to allow some teccy thing to happen. Has it? I don’t know!

So look for the word in italics in this post and on the sites listed below. Put the italic words together in front of “.wordpress.com” to find  the secret site for LizzieC!!!

Red – mommasmoneymatters.com                                              Running (1/7)
Ginger – http://ohmygawdjustdowhatisay.wordpress.com/     Naked (2/7)
El Guapo – http://guapola.wordpress.com                                   With (3/7)
Linda Vernon http://lindavernon.wordpress.com/                        Lizzie (4/7)
Buddha Kat – http://buddhakat.wordpress.com/                          Cracked (5/7)
Ginger Fight Back – http://gingerfightback.com/                          Birthday (6/7)
Writer Wannabe 763 – http://hometogo232.wordpress.com/       Wishes (7/7)

I think I’ve done it wrong (Sorry Mr Guapola) But here is the birthday site anyway. Happy Birthday Lizzie!


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