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Gfb has joined up with the Government to promote healthy eating.

Fanny At Work In 1976

We have enlisted the help of top chef Fanny Red Crack to provide some handy cooking tips. Famed for her groundbreaking TV work in the 1960’s (who can forget her LSD infused sherry trifle or flower power puree?) Fanny is the doyen of a healthy, nutritious approach to narcotic abuse, the first advocate of the 5 A Day principal, Cannabis, Amphetamines, LSD, Ketamine and Opiates, and has a firm belief in the power of Shamen to foretell the future.

Yep, you guessed it she needs the gig.

This Week – Cooking Cabbage.

Darlings. Cabbage.Yuk! I hear you all say. Nonsense I say. Marvellous stuff – filled with  with nutrients and a slither will unblock a bound bowel in a jiffy!

Here’s how to cook it properly and not boil the bejesus out of it.

Blanch the cabbage (Savoy preferably)  in boiling salted water for a few minutes. Then cool it under cold, running water to prevent further cooking and drain in a wide colander.

Here’s the trick! If it’s al dente you can tip (the water gathers at the bottom) the colander and squeeze ( it’s quite a robust vegetable if not over-cooked and you can man handle it to your heart’s content) any remaining moisture out of the cabbage.

Then re-heat in a little butter. If you want to excite the Savoy try adding a little crispy bacon, white wine vinegar and cream.

Et Voila.

Toodle Pip. Fanny(Where’s me stash?)

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