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Imagine you are a Roman Legionnaire fighting the Barbarian hordes (Gauls, Picts, Vandals or Visigoth – take your pick).

Imagine the Legionnaire to your right, let’s call him Sextus Quintus Marinadus, is felled by a Barbarian’s mighty twin headed axe.

“What vegetable should replace Sextus Quintus Marinadus in the shield wall?

GFB has the answer! Our opinion poll (below) shows what vegetable people would want alongside them in battle. As to be expected root and tubas triumph over brassicas and squashes.


“Dic Nihil Tandem Est” as old Sextus Quintus Marinadus may have said.

We asked Professor of Cobblerology at the University of Erewash, Professor Aubrey Lunge for his thoughts on the shock findings, ” I could have sworn more people would have said runner beans. Where’s the bar?”


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Which came first?



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Hi Everyone!

Spring’s here! Saps Rising! My Young Man is harder than The Shanghai Times crossword set by a dyslexic at the moment!

Sadly, it is all self abuse with him!

Well, with chat up lines like –

“You’re nice – want to look at my posters?” And, “Don’t fret, I’ve got a puncture repair kit!” –

I don’t think he is going to get very far.

We have organised an Easter Egg hunt around his prostrate! Should be great fun!

Sentient life will be great though! Think of it! Trumpets!

Just gotta find that egg!

I can hear Bon Jovi being cranked up on the stereo!

Must Go!

Right……Ready Or Not…..Here I Come!


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