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Dear Oily,

I live in the Brandywell area of Free Derry. I worry constantly about the threat of earthquakes in California, your neck of the woods. So I do, like.

I keep waiting for the Big One. If or when it happens and assuming it clashes with my Baked Plumage session at the local Slap and Tans Beauty Salon, do I keep my appointment or should I just put tin foil on my head, a pencil up my nostril and hide under the bed all the while whistling Dixie?

Sinead MacTiocfaidh, Derry Hey

Oily Replies;

Hello Thingymajig

Irrelevantly enough, at my peak here in Nonsense City, I used to be known as the Big One. When I was with a fair maiden and the night reached a climax, the earth fairly moved for her!  So much so that the local loons often mistook it for an earthquake.

This doesn’t help your situation but gives me a chance to boast about my prowess back in the day.

Indeed, it was this prowess that led me to enter the-are-you-sure-that-is-legal market? for which I am loved by bandaged S&M afficianados the world over.

Yours bound and gagged


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