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I was round Aunt Bab’s this morning, installing a chairlift. I had seized it from a Paralympic hero who was in arrears because of the Bedroom Tax.  You don’t expect paraplegic’s to know such colourful language.

Aunt Bab was grateful for the chairlift. She suffers with Bone Idle syndrome.

I had the inaugural journey, as I needed the smallest room. Got stuck on the landing and had to walk the rest of the way. Worn out by the third step.

I had a go at that Sudokio in the paper whilst on the pot. All Those Numbers! In Boxes. Up. Down. Across. Numbers are bastards. Sarcastic too. I swatted a fly who was banging its head against the frosted window pane. Bit like me with the Sodokioto.

I walked down the stairs and chewed Aunt Babs sandwich for her.

The lads in the Dubious Pilchard were impressed when I told them this, especially as normally I don’t like Tuna and Mayonnaise.

Laters and be lucky.


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