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the puppet master

 British PM  David Cameron has played a dastardly final card in his bid to cling to power.


As he trails pointless oaf Ed Miliband in the polls, the posh boy “Who cares deeply” has decided to make Gingers a key plank of his 2015 election campaign.

In his speech today to the Idiocracy that is the Conservative Party, Cameron will say, “Look here Chaps, we’ve fucked over the poor, propped up the Bankers, divided old from young, gay from straight, black from white and STILL people don’t like us! Even giving pooftahs the right to marry hasn’t helped.  I can only reach one conclusion. Gingers are to blame!”

To gasps from his dribbling, incontinent audience he blurted, “Banning Gingers from public life and stopping them using the internet to spread their gingery thingymajigs is all that is left to me. Polish my brogues please Fotheringham. Where is my fag?”


Last year, Gfb’s correspondent Gail Force-Winds revealed Tory plans to impose Burkhas on Gingers were shelved due to the fact that it was stupid. However, with the lads firing up in Iraq again and a need to appear to have some semblance of control domestically and internationally, the Ginger Question has been brought back.

Cameron’s comments put him at odds with President Barack Obama who, in a speech in Grimsby this month said, ‘We. Are not.  Going. To tell. People what colour. Their hair. Should. Be.’

He Is A Red!

Ed Miliband’s reply was, “I have forgotten what I was going to say. Blah blah blah.”




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Hello Folks!

If you missed Ginger Sooty’s last report on the US Election you can read it here or the one before that here! or the one before that HERE!

Governor Romney has denied being a coconut. “I am not a coconut. Nor do I intend to be a coconut!” He told supporters, “I am a little shy, but that doesn’t make me a coconut.”

If He Wins The Mormons Will Take Over!

The President was running around in a nice leather jacket, with a sturdy zip and elasticated cuffs. It even had his name badge sewn in! It exuded a sense of elasticated leatheriness. We will call it Obamalastic Fantastic.

If He Wins The Commies Will Take Over!

Sarah Palin’s Thought Of The Day – Sarah thought today was Wednesday.

Today’s Great Ginger Wig Of The Office Of The President Of The United States.

George W Bush – Sweet Jesus In Heaven – WHY?

What would these guys make of it all……to paraphrase Abe, “Government Of The Money, By The Money, For The Money….”

Ginger Sooty is taking a rest now. He’d like to thank the many thousands of you who have taken the trouble to read his reports.

Until the next global event that requires his gloved lusciousness, GS is heading for a rinse and a tumble dry before hibernating in the sock drawer, which also houses dilapidated handkerchiefs from a kinder, more civil time.

To the many youngsters who contacted Gingerfightback seeking advice about bullying, I hope the advice we provided was useful. You should let your parents or teachers know what is happening.

You Are Not Alone!

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Ailing French President, “Tricky” Nicky Sarkozy has played a dastardly final card in his increasingly desperate bid to cling to power in France.


As he trails bitter rival Francois Hollande in les polls, the titchy titular head of the 5th Republic has expanded his recent decision to force Gingers into Burkhas by completely banning them from French life.

A World Without Gingers….

In a rally outside a Boules Court in Brittany, Sarkozy, standing on a box said, “Frere Jacques, Sur la Pont D’Avignon, le Tour d’Eiffel, creme fraiche, hoh he hon. C’est les merdes Gingers whoez isez toez blamez pour mon predicamon!”

To gasps from his ball chucking audience he then blurted, “Sacere bleu! Non ces soir Josephine, Maginot Line! Avez vous une cuppa? Onions.”

Why Give This Man A Platform?


Last year, Gfb’s France correspondent Gael Force-Winds revealed the imposition of Burkhas on Gingers by Sarko.

Sarkozy’s comments put him at odds with President Barack Obama who, in a speech in Grimsby this month, said that the U.S. prized freedom of hair colour: ‘We. Are not.  Going to tell people what colour. Their hair. Should be.’

He Is A Red!

A Typical Frenchman 

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