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new oilyMr George,

I find you crass, sexist and misogynistic. You merely replicate the phallocentric male plutocracy that has kept women down for years and stopped us from shattering the glass ceiling. Your films are disgusting, crude and that scene with the lesbian nuns and the blow up Pope…….well I don’t need to tell you how disgusting and blasphemous that was. I had to watch “Sweaty Confessional Sex Slave III” several times just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken about this filth. All in all you should be ashamed and educated in the physiology of sexual organs and made to colour in Andrea Dworkin’s wonderful pop up and paint by numbers classic “Chop Off That Cock Sister!”

There, I said it. Up Yer Bum you big bag of bollocks

Tamara, Bucharest

Tamara I sincerely apologise but please do not be bitter, you were simply not suited for my white collar crime thriller ‘Glass Floors and No Knickers’.

In fact as I lie here having my penis freshly pixillated I surmise that it is your refusal to take it the wrong way that is at the root of your problems. Loosen up girl, the rest of the convent have no such hang ups!


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Gingerfightback can reveal that legendary songsmith, drinker and toothless marvel Shane McGowan has joined the world famous Oirish Dance Show.

The show now known as Liverdance, will be an homage to the fabled Irishman’s drinking exploits and ability to muster even a syllable after three days on the creme de menthe.

His friend Paddy Magillicuddy-Reeks told Gfb, “Begorrah, shillelagh, bacon and cabbage, Guinness, famine, English Bastards! Top o’ the morn to ye all, Daniel O’Donnell, leprechauns up me crack!  – it’ll be grand so it will. Shaney’s in top form – his fleckel is a sight for sore eyes and he recently did the splits after a three year bender in Tip. Didn’t spill a drop neither. Legend.”

Saturday Nights Just Aren't The Same - THANK GOD!

Queen Liz of England is a great fan of McGowan’s songs about the Irish diaspora and has donned traditional Oirish Garb to make sure she can get a ticket for the show.

Ginny Bunty In-Bred, keeper of the Queen’s knuckles told Gfb, “Liz is highly excited about the news. She has a real empathy for the Micks and promises to be ruling you all again in a few years time. Whoops I shouldn’t have said that last bit. Invasion plans were meant to be secret. Can we not mention that. There’s a knighthood in it for you, Pleb looking chap if you keep schtum.”

"Top Of One's Morning To One"

“Top Of One’s Morning To One”

Well here’s a couple of examples of Shanes’s handiwork.

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We’ve brought you painting, now marvel at sculpture. In stone. By a bloke with a hammer and chisel. Hammering and chiselling for hours on end.

Here is The Thinker in its original format before degingerificationismology took hold and stripped the brooding presence of its wonderful golden syrup.

As our Arts correspondent Brian Sewer said upon seeing the piece, “It certainly made me think. Mostly about my next dwinky, but it made me think nonetheless. Bar Keep!”

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