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Hello Folks,

Bob Lewington here again.

I was round my son’s Bob, or Young Bob as he is known in the family. Sometimes I am known as Old Bob, Dad Bob, Papa Bob or my own favourite, Head of the Household and Main Provider Bob.

Nature decided to take its course.  Young Bob’s girlfriend Lily had a copy of Hello! magazine to hand so I had a quick shufty whilst performing my evacuation.

Olympic Hero Bradley Wiggins was shown retieing the laces of his shoes which had come undone in the street! He’s a double knot man by the look of it.

There was also photo of Kate Winslet buying some plums (they looked a bit bruised to me) David Beckham examining his tattoos and Lady Gaga eating a cheese and pickle sandwich.

Absolutely fascinating.

I’m going to get Young Bob to take a grainy photo of me examining an over ripe strawberry and send it to Hello!  It looks like they print any old rubbish.

Might make Young Bob and me a few bob so to speak.

Best wishes,


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