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Defender Of The Sausage

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Is She Dishing It Out In Buenos Aires?

What A Glorious Day That Was

Gfb has learned that Our Kate has been sent on a secret mission to bongo bongo land to sort out some more Johnny Foreigner types. We had previously reported that the Duchess of Lovely Pure Virginity Unsullied By Carnal Desires Of Man Or Beast was a member of the Cobra Kingfisher Singh Viper Assassination Hit Squad, the ultra-secret ginger ninja hit squad.

Bunty - Kate's Submersible Pony

Kate, who recently attended an art gallery and looked at some drawings, ALONE! has been spotted training in the sea, staying at Butlins, Minehead with the crack CKSVAHS (Damp Division).

Even In Rubber She Looks Wonderful

This exclusive photo of Kate in her war apparel suggests something fishy to us.

Kate was aboard her submersible horse, Bunty, on the secret mission.

We believe the target to be Argentina –  due to the recent tension between Britain and Argy Bargy land over the Falkland Islands. They also cheated us in the World Cup. Bastards.

Major Melatonin Lever-Arch, Slurper in Chief of the Royal Soup commented “With Kate on the job old Pampas Pedro won’t stand a chance! She’ll dish it to Diego! Now Lady Sin, a little tighter if you please.”

British PM Cameroon has ordered HMS Ginger to back up Kate’s activities. The mighty Ginger has left Hackney Wick swimming baths is being pedaled furiously the 8,000 miles to the South Atlantic. It has just reached Tower Bridge, so still some ways to go.

"We're Gonna Need A War Clegg"

We wouldn’t want to be in Maradona’s shoes right now (Bastard).

We'd Get Him In The End!

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