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Hello Folks

Bradley’s done it again! crowned BBC Sports Personality of The Year, – we claim him as a Ginger.

Go Wiggo!

Tough on Mo though – If he’s been Ginger would the result haved been different? Probably  not.


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Well folks,

Britain’s great summer of sport is drawing to a close. Sadly,Bradley no more, Mo no more, Jessica no more, Weir no more or Ellie no more.

All the lads and lasses who ran, threw, rode, sailed, lifted and made peculiar noises with the strain of it all are now being adulated in their home towns, villages, sheds and/or bus stops.

Union Flags are being  folded and neatly placed in airing cupboards across the land.

As I write, I can hear hamstrings twanging as men of a certain age struggle into lycra in the vain hope of “I used to ride to school therefore I can make it to Rio in 2016”. The logic as ill-fitting as the sportswear.

Sadly, our politicians are now limbering up to take centre stage.

As the vainglorious peacocks in the Coalition Government unveil yet more incomprehensible incompetence, David Cameron has given Nick Clegg the thumbs up!

Oh Dear.

Rule of Thumb

But fear not, we always have Ed!

“I’ve Had The Adenoids Out Therefore I Am Fit For Porpoise”

Latest evidence suggests that they collaborated on a well known piece of art restoration!

“Have You Got A Green Felt Tip Pen George?”

Gawd help us.

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Earl Wiggins Of Lambretta

The Olympics are over.

Ginger Sooty is in the wash along with me smalls and as it is good drying weather today, I will hang him out in the garden rather than on the clothes horse in the loft of Fightback Towers.

He will be back, fluffed and buffed for his next Reportage.

Many thanks to the thousands of you who took the time to read his in-depth reports. I understand that Pluckery Clubs, Octagenarian Bollock Drop and Roll Clubs and Donkey Dangling Clubs across the UK have seen a spike in enquiries.

We hope we have played a small part in getting people of their settees and gibbering for at least thirty minutes a day.

It has been a great Olympics for Gingers. Below are some of our Titian Titans!

To the youngsters who got in touch to talk about being bullied because they are Ginger, please take inspiration from these people. Talk to your parents, family members or teachers about the problems you are having.


Lord Sandy Bottom

Dan Purvis – Gymnastics

Henk Grol – Judo (Nederlandsch)

Our Mo!

Will Satch – Rowing (In Boats – not arguing – although I wouldn’t argue with him)

Betty Heidler – obvious where she is from and what she does

Team GB’s Water Polo Captain

Lot To Live Up To Wayne!

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What on earth is going on!

Ed Clancy, properly ginger this time, has won a gold in the men’s pursuit for Team GB!

Ginger Gold!

What with Sir Bradley of the Wiggins derring-do earlier this week is there a link between gingers, cyclists, lycra and Team GB!

Off for a spin on the Chopper and twang the hamstrings!

His Royal Gingerness

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Ginger Sooty, GLOVE PUPPET OF DREAMS provides a daily round-up of events at the London 2012 Olympics that are, quite simply London 2012.

We are still basking in the glow of Sir Bradley of Wiggins Gold medal triumph! The sideburns of destiny have certainly done the trick.

You may have read about the Chinese, Korean and Indonesian Badminton players disqualified for trying not to win their games. I’ve had shuttlecock trouble in the past too! Penicillin sorted that one out! Not bad for a  glove puppet.

I visited the water polo yesterday too. It’s an old gag but worth it.


A couple of sports for you to look out for today.

1. The Big Lad Lollop –  Watch out for the Mongolian 7 footer Mangang Sorghum attempting to win his third straight Gold.

2. Fish Tickling – The Aquatic Centre will be teeming with fish life today as the qualifying heats gets underway. The favourite for gold is Poland’s Zgbniew Zaplinski, the only man who has achieved the holy grail of fish tickling by managing to get a guffaw out of a Koi Carp (a very shy fish). His main challenger will be from Italy’s Maureen Ambrosiani. Her digitally dextrous exploits with Rainbow Trout are the stuff of fish tickling legend.

Enjoy The Games!


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Hello Folks

As we pointed out recently, Tour de France winner and now OLYMPIC Champ Bradley “Lambretta” Wiggins was a ginger in his younger days.

Young Bradley on the Col de Kilburn High Road

Whilst time may have faded his ginger follicles to something browner, we can detect the Titian tinge remaining strong in those classy sideburns of his. I have started growing mine in the hope that I will become an Olympic Champion at some point in the next ten days.

Ginger Burns!  A Ginger Hero!
Brilliant Stuff! Go Wiggo!

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Hello Folks

As always we are on the ball, up to the minute in our coverage of the news and great events. Nobody has yet pointed out the marked gingerness of the young Bradley Wiggins, Tour de France winner, bike rider supreme and hero to all piles sufferers.

Young Bradley on the Col de Kilburn High Road

Whilst time may have faded his ginger follicles to something browner, we can detect the Titian tinge remaining strong in those classy sideburns of his.

You may accuse us of jumping on the bandwagon  (even a carbon fibre one) and you would be right.

Ginger Burns! (Scraping the barrel aren’t we) – The Ginger Hero!

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