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new oily

Hello Oily

My pet parrot recently told me that my bum did look big in my new dress. So I had the bastard whacked by a local Mafia hit squad. Do you think my bum looks big in this dress?

Psycho Anne, Next Door

Oily Replies;

Well Anne,

That is an interesting photo. Was looking at it upside down for 3 minutes before I realised.

Love the way you block out the sun. And are those feathers sticking out below your derriere? There was no mafia hit squad was there…You just sat on it right?

I should report you to the Save the Parrot Foundation that I have just created in my head. However I shall be more constructive. We are currently shooting a series of adult erotic dramas for fans of the more curvaceous and voluptuous human form. ‘Ride the Ripple’ we call it. There is a place or two for you  if you are interested.

Wobble sister!


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