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Hello Oily

Which do you think is more likely to make a comeback as a hairstyle for men, the perm or the mullet?

I like Jon Bon Jovi’s locks – they are teased, tousled and perfectly match his cock rock power rock ballads about being a dead or alive cowboy on a steel horse whilst keeping the dream alive and our love will never die cos we were meant to be together and holding on together ‘cos he rides a steel cowboy often in the rain.

Bet his hair never gets wet though.

Toby, Moray

Oily Replies,


I go for the sleek and sensual Silver Fox look. Easily maintained and always stays in position even when I have my ‘watersports’ weekends with the Compton Fetishist Society here in Crazy City.

Yes, my sexual proclivities are not bound by class creed or colour. Or species, if you believe the tittle tattle written in the Catholic Herald this week. But I deny those charges vehemently.

Was simply a misunderstanding.

Woof Woof.

You really know the lyrics of Bon Jovi don’t you. Well done and have a biscuit.

I love Twisted Sister – the relation not the band.

Regards, Oily

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Hi Everyone!

Spring’s here! Saps Rising! My Young Man is harder than The Shanghai Times crossword set by a dyslexic at the moment!

Sadly, it is all self abuse with him!

Well, with chat up lines like –

“You’re nice – want to look at my posters?” And, “Don’t fret, I’ve got a puncture repair kit!” –

I don’t think he is going to get very far.

We have organised an Easter Egg hunt around his prostrate! Should be great fun!

Sentient life will be great though! Think of it! Trumpets!

Just gotta find that egg!

I can hear Bon Jovi being cranked up on the stereo!

Must Go!

Right……Ready Or Not…..Here I Come!


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