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Riding the Madrid Metro


I didn’t see the band get on

The mum and dad

Both wearing Disney shirts and their kids tied to games machines

The old woman I stood for, after trying to read the metro poetry

Yes; I saw them

But I didn’t see the band get on

I heard and stood across from the giggling girls talking in Portugese

I saw them

But then the band put to play


The band of Indians

Peruvian?-They’d skipped the ponchos…

I hadn’t been prepared for the band getting on

Hadn’t seen them put to play

I had been thinking of you of course

Of our newly found love

Of how to change this

Make that work what I should do

The details and such

They put to sing in that dark hole of the heights


And the band got on and I knew of the depths

That she and I had fallen

Of the coffin nails driven deep into what was a marriage

Of my broken nails in my attempts to free us both

Of her despair

And they sang in that hole of the heights

Of joy and hardship

They knew of the yearning of the exiled

Of the long distance of a view


And I thought of you my new love

And I remembered

That the winds will blow And thought I don’t mind

For it is of you, not the details or such, that they sang

As now I’ll be ready for the winds to rage

And for the screaming distance of a view

I saw that the Portugese girls were laughing

As before me they’d noticed I’d put to cry

Sweet salt water tears

I could no longer hide when the band got on

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