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“Well You Can Tell By The Way I Walk……..”

Classic 70’s movie making in which the now legendary Chico Chicken, struts his stuff in cockle doodletastic fashion. Crowds flocked to see it.

There is a sad end when Chico ends up as a KFC Family Bucket for his main protagonist, David Niven, (playing his last major screen role) who cavorts around with a Wagon Wheel on his head.

With music by the Bee Gees including the classic ditty “Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha Layin’ Tonight, Layin’ Tonight,” SNC became a box office smash.

Here’s what the critics said,

“You’ll believe a chicken can dance,” The Delaware Doubter.

“Chico Chicken has been plucked from obscurity to international superstardom” The New York Times

“The most realistic depiction of chickens dancing to disco music I have ever seen!” The Houston Chronicle.

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